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West Maui Loop in Reverse

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Youtube user mrganz posted a vid of the West Maui Loop by bike on July 27th 2012 but this time going counterclockwise around the island. Meet “Porkchop” the pig out near Kauhakuloa at 1 minute and 43 seconds. What an awesome ride! mrganz has it going on!

We know you’ll enjoy this 60 mile ride on our Fuji Aerostar SST 3.0 Road Bike.
Bring your own pedals for best performance and comfort or reserve Shimano  or Look Keo pedals from us. We have bike racks to that fit most any vehicle.

When your on Maui and ready to ride Boss Frog’s has the perfect bike for you, whether your riding the roads, the forest trails or just crusing the beach. Come get some fresh air and aerobic exercise while you enjoy the aloha.

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Maui biking West Maui Loop

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Whats up everyone. We did the west maui loop last Saturday. Took us about 3:30. It was a great day. Very little wind and lots of sunshine. We went with a small group of people. Pony and I rode pretty strong. Here are some pics and a video.

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Maui Bike Ride, West Maui Loop

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Whats up everyone. I did the West Maui Loop Bike Ride again this past Saturday, January 22nd. I started out in Lahaina with my friends Chris and Bruce. It was a great day for a Maui bike ride. Very little clouds in the sky, and light trade winds. It took me about 3.5 hours with is not a great time but not too bad either. At 60 miles in length and 4000 feet of climbing this Maui bike ride can really take its toll. I love my new Fuji RC-1 road bike. Its super light with great SRAM Red components. By the time I get back around to the Pali on this Maui bike ride I really start to feel it. Its seems like the longest trek to get back to Lahaina. No matter how many times I take this ride I am always cashed afterward. I have done this ride a few times on our Maui Road Bike Rentals which are Fuji Aero SST 3.0 bikes. I had a great time on those as well. I usually do this ride going clockwise around the island, however I have done it counterclockwise. Its seems a bit easier to me this way because I dont have the long stretch after the Pali going back into lahaina. Some great senery on this ride are Kahakuloa Village, Honolua Bay, which is great for snorkeling, and the Kapalua area. Check out these pics, one is Kahakuloa Bay and the other is Chris trekking up the one lane road into Kahakuloa.

Maui bike ride

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Great Maui bike ride from Lahaina to Kihei today. Ended up at Kanani St. and turned around. The bike ride ended up being about 50 miles and turned out harder than I thought. Caught the north wind on the way back and got pretty tired. Tomorrow I will go mountain biking or I will do another Maui road bike ride.

Maui bike ride (Road)

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Maui Bike Rental KahakuloaWent on a great road ride around the West Maui Loop this past Sunday, January 2. It was a slow ride but scenic. Here is a great pic of Kahakuloa Village, which is located on the North side of West Maui.

I rode with a guy on a Maui bike rental from Boss Frog’s.
Maui Road Bike Fuji Aero Kahakaloa bicycle ride