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Maui Metric Century Ride, 2013

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The West Maui, Metric Century bike ride is THIS WEEKEND! If you haven’t done so already, fill out your registration form and join your fellow bike enthusiasts in Maalaea Sunday, April 14th.

The ride is being sponsored by the Maui Bicycle Club,  Maui’s oldest active bicycle club. Registration is $35 in advance or $40 day of. There are two rides available to check your fitness level, 50 or 100 kilometers, and there will be aid stations and a sag vehicle to shuttle bikers who can’t ride any further. The ride starts bright and early with the 100 km starting at 6:30 and the 50 km following at 8:30. For those of you doing the 100 kilometers, the ride takes you along the West Maui coastline, locally known as the West Maui Loop. The 50 km follows the same route before turning around and returning to the start point. For route directions and more information on the Maui Metric Century ride, visit

If you need a bike rental for the event, we have you covered. With our new Cannondale and Fuji road bikes we have what you need for your Maui riding adventures. Reserve your bike online here or call us at 808-661-1344. If you are already on Maui, stop by and pick out your bike. We are open 8-5 at 156 Lahainaluna Rd in Lahaina Town.

Get registered and we’ll see you there!

New Maui Bike Shop!!

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Boss Frog’s Cycles is in the process of renovating its existing rental bike shop at 156 Lahainaluna Rd into a full service bike shop.

We decided it was time to step our service to include local business as well as rental customers. Maui cycling is our passion and so are bikes. It’s just the next logical step. The building we have was built around 1950. It was originally a Maui Bike Shop Renovation residential house and was later converted into a retail establishment and has housed many different businesses, from an art gallery, to a T-shirt store and to a Boss Frog’s, which is now right next door.

We have a new full time mechanic, with lots of experience on and off the island as a retail shop and rental fleet manager.  He has done lots of Maui cycling and now resides as a permanent fixture of our establishment. We are expanding our retail selection to include a full line of all the necessary consumables as well as comfort items such as gloves and helmets. We will be retailing Fuji cruisers and hybrid bikes as well as a selection of kids bikes. High performance bikes will be available for purchase as well.

We are also excited to add Santa Cruz Mountain bikes and Cannondale road bikes to our rental fleet. If you live in Maui or are coming for vacation, stop by our new bike shop at 156 Lahainaluna Rd in Lahaina and check out our new shop. The renovation should be done by the middle of February, though in the meantime we are currently open for bike rentals. If you just need some information on Maui cycling don’t hesitate to stop by. This location is a great place to start your West Maui loop or any other west side Maui bike ride. I will write an updated article when the shop is up and running. Remember we are currently open for bike rentals, and you can also visit to reserve your rental bike today.

Chris Kasper, GM Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Surf & Cycle

Morning Maui Bike Ride

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Chris Mosk and I did a great Maui bike ride from Lahaina to Wailuku this morning. This is a 40 mile round trip ride. It’s excellent if your goal is to do a nice flat ride. It starts in Lahaina, goes south towards Maalaea Harbor then heads north to Wailuku. Today was exceptional because there was absolutely no wind. This made for perfect Maui biking conditions. Quite a bit of the time the trade winds blow from the North and you have to head into them going to Wailuku. Of course, on the way back you have a great tail wind. This ride takes about an hour and thirty minutes. It is flat most of the way except in the area of the Pali. The Pali is the area on the Lahaina side of Maalaea Harbor where the only tunnel on the island is located. This is a great ride if your just looking to cruise but want to do some distance. We are gearing up for the Maui Stage Race in April. This ride offers great views as all of the highway on the Lahaina side of Maalea runs along the ocean. It’s also a fabulous view of the Maalaea basin when you are coming back from Wailuku. Its not uncommon to see a whale breaching out in the distance. By the way, this is whale season. Boss Frog’s offers a great 2 for 1 whale watch. Be sure to get out early because the sooner you get out there, the less windy it will be.

By Chris Kasper

Cycle to the Sun

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I know this is late, however I want to say a little something about the Cycle to the Sun bike race on Maui, Hawaii. It’s a 36 mile, 10k feet climb from Paia to the summit of Haleakala Crater. It is an awesome Maui bike ride. It starts at about 6am in Paia, right off Baldwin Avenue on Haleakala Highway. 

If you’re smart, draft off the leaders until you hit 

at least Makawao town. In Makawao, there is a steep climb. This is where it’s hard to keep up with the lead group, however, if you are fit, be my guest. I was able to drop Mosk during my run to Makawao, however, he was able to catch up with me later in the ride and ultimately beat me by a large amount of time: 3 whole minutes- Ha. I thought I would love this bike ride, but it did get really painful. As you can see in the pictures, Mosk and I started the day all smiles but by about the 7k elevation I was in some pain. There is also a pic of me coming across the finish line. It was really windy this year during the ride and that was a real bummer. My bike held up much better than I did. My time was 4:03. The leaders came in at 2:45. How they did that I don’t know; strong and tiny I imagine. Anyway this is a great Maui bike ride if you really like a challenge. There are food and water stations along the way so you will never run out of jell or water. You will need a ride back down to Paia, or I believe the organizer runs a shuttle. It’s $200 to enter for non residents and $175 for residents. Check out the official cycle to the sun website for full details and information, and click here for more information about Haleakala Crater.



Boss Frog’s rents bikes that are great for this ride, full carbon, high quality components and the proper gearing. You can’t go wrong.

For more information please email use here, or call 808-661-3333.

By Chris Kasper- Boss Frog JR





West Maui Loop in Reverse

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Youtube user mrganz posted a vid of the West Maui Loop by bike on July 27th 2012 but this time going counterclockwise around the island. Meet “Porkchop” the pig out near Kauhakuloa at 1 minute and 43 seconds. What an awesome ride! mrganz has it going on!

We know you’ll enjoy this 60 mile ride on our Fuji Aerostar SST 3.0 Road Bike.
Bring your own pedals for best performance and comfort or reserve Shimano  or Look Keo pedals from us. We have bike racks to that fit most any vehicle.

When your on Maui and ready to ride Boss Frog’s has the perfect bike for you, whether your riding the roads, the forest trails or just crusing the beach. Come get some fresh air and aerobic exercise while you enjoy the aloha.

And while your here don’t forget our 2 great charter boats for great snorkeling and dinner cruises. And we also  reserve just about every activity for you island wide and even state wide at rock bottom prices.

Cruising Kihei?

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Traffic in Kihei can at times be monotonous. Kihei is only a few miles from end to end. Add Wailea, even Makena and you’ve got about ten miles to cover. You can go to a beach, a movie, out to eat, shopping, or one of the many parks. On a bike you can cover ground almost as fast as a car during busier times of day. You can take in the scenery and look people in the eye and smile as you ride by or even stop and talk story. You can get a lot of fresh air biking. Biking is a great aerobic exercise and is low impact. No one will be behind you making you rush and if there’s a typically fantastic Maui sunset, you can stop where you are and take it all in.

“But”, you say, “I’m only visiting Maui” or “I don’t have a bike”. That’s where Boss Frog’s Dive Surf and Bike shops come in. Located conveniently in three areas of Kihei, Boss Frog’s has comfortable and professionally maintained bikes to suit your pleasure.

Boss Frog’s in Central Kihei is the perfect place to rent a bike and head to all points North and South.

Come on in from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily to rent a beach cruiser, a hybrid, a mountain bike or road bike. To book road or mountain bikes a day or less in advance call  (808) 661-3333 at any time to see what is available.  You can even reserve a mountain or road bike right here at our online Maui bike rental reservations system.

Maui’s Mayor Alan Arakawa rides the newly opened Kihei Bikeway in July 2011. Kahu Alalani Hill blesses the Kihei Bikeway and Don Couch discusses upcoming additions.


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Enjoy a leisurely ride down or a grueling climb to the top or both if your up for it but be very careful. The road up Haleakala is the steepest road ascent in the world to 10,000 feet and climbing it to swiftly can result in serious altitude sickness if you aren’t careful.

Apart from that warning, serious bikers do conquer it every single day and conquer is surely the right word for anyone who makes it to the top.

But for those of us whom find that glory is as much in the pleasures of coasting as it is in the victory of self elevating, you can always get dropped off at the top and make your way down on the bike.
The ride down Haleakala is indeed leisurely, but if your not an experienced biker we recommend you join a tour as there are several that come down each day. You can even try this great group ride down the mountain.

If your going to do it alone or outside outside of a tour, be sure to:

  1. Watch for cars.
  2. Watch your speed; long straightaways followed by sharp turns have have lured more than one person to the hospital.
  3. Take breaks; if your not in perfect shape, take a break or two on the way down. Your eyes and memories will thank you.

On the way down if you’re ready you can take a great break at Kula Lodge where they also have a market if your’e just int he mood for a quick snack. You can bike all the way to Kihei from here if your in reasonable shape.

La Perouse – a Seaside Ride

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You can ride form Kihei to La Perouse or from Lahaina if you are experienced. It is a beautiful ride no matter how far you come. If you do start from Lahaina, you’ll cross the Pali. Be sure to stop at a lookout or two, the vistas are wide and the air is fresh, often swept up from the ocean hundreds of feet below. At Ma’alaea take a right and ride past the harbor on the lower road. Head East until you reach the large intersection and head right toward Haleakala along the mudflats. This area is called Kealia and is a wildlife refuge, there is a boardwalk if you care to take a stroll, just lock up that bike.

Back on the road head South and turn onto South Kihei rd. to ride the seashore all the way to Wailea. Be careful in spots as some of the road has no shoulder but most of the road has a bike lane and is a pleasure to ride. Toward the end of South Kihei Rd. you will turn up away from the shore as you enter Wailea. The entire landscape transforms from yellowed grasses and Keawe trees to lush green with older broad trees and golf courses unrolling along the hills.

Ride along and follow any roads down to beaches for pleasing detours but keep following the main road and eventually you will pass Makena Hill, the very large pu’u, (cinder cone) that rises between Makena’s great beaches. Keep going and shortly you will be on a skinny little road that the waves even crash on when the waves get big. A small sign says ‘Simulated Moon Surface Ahead’ as you traverse a very bumpy patch. Alright now, your heading across the lava flow into La Perouse Bay, (called Keoneʻoʻio), it’s only a few miles to ride but it is a fantastic few miles along this fairly new lava flow in the Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Preserve. If you came from Lahaina, you may want a car to meet you here, it is the end of the road. If you only came from Kihei, it’s a good bet you can ride back.

Out Grandma’s Way

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Grandmas Coffee House

Someone may refer you to the destination Out Grandma’s Way or to Ulupalakua as a great biking destination while your on Maui. Grandma’s Coffee house is indeed an excellent destination and many road bikers stop there before turning around or going farther  out toward Ulupalakua and points beyond. Grandma’s has great coffee (it actually has coffee trees growing up through its outside deck) and greater desserts like Tiramisu, decadent carrot cake, chocolate chip cheesecake and more as well as a regular lunch and snacks menu. Look at the pictures on the wall, feel the history.

A great place to start heading for Grandmas is from Pukalani Superette or the new Longs Drugs in Pukalani. Park your car, get the bike out and ride.

Sun Yat Sen Park

If you continue on after Grandma’s you’ll reach Sun Yat Sen Park, can you believe this Historical Liberator of China was actually born right here in Kula Maui Hawaii? It’s true and here is a statue to him and a walking park/garden besides, amazing! After you leave Grandma’s, take the lower road heading South you’ll see a pull off after just 1.8 miles. You’ll see the dragons if you look. Its a lovely place with picnic tables if you want to sit and gaze at the sea or lie on the grass and listen to the birds chirping.

Ulupalukua - Laperouse

Past the park is Ulupalakua and Kenaio where you can see this very spectacular view of the LaPerouse lava flow spreading out below.We skipped right past Tedeschi winery and the Ulupalakua general store but we’ll show you them another time. This ride is not very steep up or down and is almost always in temperate weather, cooler up on the mountain but with some sprinkles, light winds and mists. You will pass through lava, forests and  swing past small churches and graveyards among a host of other delightful sights. The ocean lays beneath you most of the time.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you have the chance to go n this as well as many other rides here on the island. Aloha!