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Boss Frog’s – Not Just For Bikes

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  • Bike Rack $5/day $15/week
  • Bike Cruiser $15/day $50/week
  • Bike Hybrid $25/day $80/week
  • Bike Road $50/day $200/week
  • Bike Mountain $50/day $200/week
We know you’ll love our Fuji Aero bikes for the road or off Road but we have got a lot of gear for all your  activities. (Prices as of May 2012, subject to change).
  • Basic Set Snorkel Gear $1.50/Day $9/week (2 for 1 on weekly rental)
  • Comfort Set Adult $5/Day $20/week
  • Comfort Set Child $5/Day $15/week
  • Easy Breathe Set Adult $8/day $30/week
  • Easy Breathe Child $6/day $25/week
  • Optical Set $10day/$35 week (-1.5 to –8)
  • Fins only $1.50/day $8/week
  • Snorkel Vest $5/day $15/week
  • Snorkel Float Belt $5/day $15/week
  • Boogie Boards $5/day $15/week
  • Sea View Boards $7/day $20/week
  • Duck Fins $2.50/day $10/week
  • Skim Boards $10/day $50/week
  • Performance Skim Boards $20/day $75/week
  • Surfboards $20/day $75/week
  • Performance Surfboards $30/day $120/week
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards $40/day $150/week
  • Float Tube $5/day $15/week
  • Float Noodles $1.50/day $5/week
  • Golf Clubs $15/day $50/week
  • Beach Chair $3/day $10/week
  • Beach Cooler $2/day $10/week
  • Beach Umbrella $4/day $15/week
  • Binoculars $4/day $15/week
  • Booties $3/day $10/week
  • Scuba Wetsuit $5/day $20/week
  • Digital Underwater Camera $30/day $60/week

Come to any of our locations and get whatever you need for your active lifestyle!

April 12 Skyline Trail Ride by 253MTB

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Here is a nice GoPro camera shot video of the Haleakala Skyline trail part 1.
Youtube user 253MTB has a lot of great action videos and this one shows the trail from the start at the Visitors center on Haleakala’s summit. If you go on this trail be warned… lava rock cinder hurts when you fall into it. I rode this trail in the 90′s… all the way to Makena actually. And took a spill close to the beginning. Bikes weren’t as hi-tech then but you can fall on any bike if you go to fast. I had a nice triangle scar where I used my arm to block my face from the cinder. If your careful, you’ll fare much better than I did.

After the cinder, you end up in Poli Poli forest, where a gorgeous set of trails run through the deep woods. After that you end up in Keokea Maui so stop at Grandmas Coffee for a treat!

A Tour: Keokea, Ulupalakua and Kenaio

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While surfing youtube for great bike rides on Maui, I found this recent video by Paul Linnerud of his Keokea to Kenaio and some of the way back to Tedeschi tour. Paul rides hard and passes lots of other bikers. His helmet cam takes a great shot of the ride and he is a very smooth rider. Come on a journey with him as he enjoys miles of scenic road. You can see him pass through Tedeschi, Ulupalakua Ranch Store area at 3:35. He turns around at 9:00 minutes in. The views are gorgeous with great color capture on a sunny day.

Awesome ride Paul!

House of the Sun

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Lots of people each year try to ride to the top of Haleakala. It is the steepest paved ascent to 10,000 feet in the world.
This is a great idea if you are in fantastic shape like user running page in the video below and also know what you are doing.
Even expert riders can succumb to the low oxygen at the top. According to park workers, it is usually experts that require paramedic and the like assistance because they are the only people who make it that far.
If you plan to ride to the House of the Sun, know your personal limits and think about having a car spot you just in case. We all want to be safe here on Maui and we want you to have a safe vacation.

You can do this ride with our Fuji Aero, bring your favorite pedals, bring your seat, your going to want to be comfortable and sure.
If you do make it to the top of Haleakala, we hope you’ll share your own video with us. Drop us a comment and tell us where to find your pics and/or video so we can share your success. And we’d love to hear your stories too. Aloha!

Fuji Aero SST a look at the bike

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From youtube user radiodinner comes a closer look at the Fuji Aero SST 3.0. This ride will delight you, it is top of the line in performance and comfort. But don’t let the video placate you… come ride one now or reserve it for your vacation here on Maui!

Great rides…

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This youtube video shows Max Schumann taking on huge alpine slopes with incredible views in Germany. You can get this kind of action on Maui with the Haleakala Skyline trail where you have unobstructed views 10,000 feet to the ocean and 100′s of miles to every horizon. We don’t have the white chalk and basalt shown here but we do have lots of loose cinder, wild conifer and eucalyptus forests and you can go slow or super fast depending on your own skill level. We have the fuji mountain bikes that can handle the ride too. check them out right here on the site and if your ready to one of the many Maui off-road trails call us up or make your reservation right here. And if you take video with your gopro or other camera mount send them in and we’ll feature you and link to you right here and on our youtube and other sites. We admire hard bikers, endurance bikers, fast bikers and we also appreciate leisure bikers. Anyway you can get your excercise and fun in is great!

This definitely won’t happen to you biking on Maui

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This bike rider in a South African bike race was seemingly attacked by a Hartebeest buck…

Seems like a direct hit for sure. Whether the bikers were somehow bothering the animal or the herd is unknown but you can rest assured this cannot happen when you bike any of the magnificent trails on Maui. In fact there are no hartebeest here. Perhaps a mongoose could jump up from the grass and karate kick your helmet! But that is much more unlikely, mongeese are not known for their martial arts skills.

Send us your Maui biking photos and stories

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Well, we’ve discussed quite a few trails and rides, scenic tours and more. Now we’d love to see some of your trips on the island, learn about your experiences with our bikes and continue to improve our service.

Please send pictures and stories via or via our contact link above.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Strolling, Cruising, Chill rides

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Two of the best possible rides aren’t with a road bike or mountain bike at all. Indeed, if you just want to chill, maybe even beating automobile traffic and enjoy a lazy day in the sultry summer sun of Maui try a beach cruiser for a day in Lahaina or Kihei.

You can cruise up and down Front Street quite easily, browsing the shops along the way and enjoying the many people milling about. Your course runs as far as you like but centers on Front Street from the Cannery Mall to 505, with very small excursions to the wharf. Some people go up and down the street all day long, finding great snacks, interesting conversations with colorful people, and enjoying the artwork, music and general bustle of this most enchanting and historic town.

If your in Kihei, your course is longer, from Sugar Beach to Wailea, even Makena and La Perouse for the adventuresome), you’ll have a grand time at every beach park along the way. This is a truly delightful way to spend the day in the most casual of modes.

Make sure to bring your bike lock and lock up at the many shops and parks you visit on the way. You can ride your bike in the parks but when swimming, its definitely worth locking.

Here’s just a few of the beautiful sites you’ll see any day on Maui. Aloha!

Maui Sites

Iao Valley

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Iao Needle
If you’ve powered the other trails and are just looking for some casual riding or are looking for a lovely place to picnic while you do the West Maui Loop (as you are an expert rider) you can always take a breather up in Iao Valley (See Map).

In the heat of summer, Iao offers a delicious retreat from the Maui sun, amidst luxuriant foliage and steep and misty cliffs you quickly indulge in a Hawaiian climate-scape like few others.  With the Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens you can be engrossed in our cultural, native and migrant past.  There are Hawaiian, New Englander,  Portuguese and Japanese Gardens with koi ponds, statuary and unique plants. You can ride around them or park and walk in unique buildings and settings each tended with loving care by local associations. Stop, lock up your bike and walk down to the stream and get wet. Iao is pure refreshment. Like a Mountain Dew commercial, but for real.

If you park near the Bishop museum extension and lock your bike, you can also hike across a bridge and quite a ways up the stream with plenty of places to cool off. If you drive past the gardens you’ll get to the needle but they are requiring a fee to get in as of this year. It’s your call, if your just riding, you’ll probably have gone far enough as the parking lot is as far as you can ride anyway.

When your done with IAO you can hug the mountainside for as far as Waikapu before heading down to the Hono’o Piilani Highway or you can go straight down through Wailuku to Kahului rather quickly. Whichever way you go, there are plenty of coffee shops, water stops, eateries and art galleries to visit on the way. See you on the road!