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Boss Frog’s – Not Just For Bikes

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  • Bike Rack $5/day $15/week
  • Bike Cruiser $15/day $50/week
  • Bike Hybrid $25/day $80/week
  • Bike Road $50/day $200/week
  • Bike Mountain $50/day $200/week
We know you’ll love our Fuji Aero bikes for the road or off Road but we have got a lot of gear for all your  activities. (Prices as of May 2012, subject to change).
  • Basic Set Snorkel Gear $1.50/Day $9/week (2 for 1 on weekly rental)
  • Comfort Set Adult $5/Day $20/week
  • Comfort Set Child $5/Day $15/week
  • Easy Breathe Set Adult $8/day $30/week
  • Easy Breathe Child $6/day $25/week
  • Optical Set $10day/$35 week (-1.5 to –8)
  • Fins only $1.50/day $8/week
  • Snorkel Vest $5/day $15/week
  • Snorkel Float Belt $5/day $15/week
  • Boogie Boards $5/day $15/week
  • Sea View Boards $7/day $20/week
  • Duck Fins $2.50/day $10/week
  • Skim Boards $10/day $50/week
  • Performance Skim Boards $20/day $75/week
  • Surfboards $20/day $75/week
  • Performance Surfboards $30/day $120/week
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards $40/day $150/week
  • Float Tube $5/day $15/week
  • Float Noodles $1.50/day $5/week
  • Golf Clubs $15/day $50/week
  • Beach Chair $3/day $10/week
  • Beach Cooler $2/day $10/week
  • Beach Umbrella $4/day $15/week
  • Binoculars $4/day $15/week
  • Booties $3/day $10/week
  • Scuba Wetsuit $5/day $20/week
  • Digital Underwater Camera $30/day $60/week

Come to any of our locations and get whatever you need for your active lifestyle!