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This definitely won’t happen to you biking on Maui

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This bike rider in a South African bike race was seemingly attacked by a Hartebeest buck…

Seems like a direct hit for sure. Whether the bikers were somehow bothering the animal or the herd is unknown but you can rest assured this cannot happen when you bike any of the magnificent trails on Maui. In fact there are no hartebeest here. Perhaps a mongoose could jump up from the grass and karate kick your helmet! But that is much more unlikely, mongeese are not known for their martial arts skills.

Send us your Maui biking photos and stories

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Well, we’ve discussed quite a few trails and rides, scenic tours and more. Now we’d love to see some of your trips on the island, learn about your experiences with our bikes and continue to improve our service.

Please send pictures and stories via or via our contact link above.

We look forward to hearing from you!