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Maui bike ride from Lahaina to the tunnel

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Wow cold this morning on my Maui bike ride. One thing I really like about West Maui is that I can ride all year around. Even when I consider it cold its only about 70 degrees. Its not a very far bike ride to the tunnel from my house in Puamana in Lahaina but its a good ride before I take a couple days off. My next ride will be to Paia and back on Sunday with our Boss Frog’s Sales Director Chris Mosk. The Lahaian to Paia ride is great if your here on vacation and want do a Maui bike rental because its flat most of the way but a good way to see the quite a bit of the island. Check out this video of Launiupoko valley from helicopter. One thing I like about my new Maui biking blog is that it gives me an opportunity to search out great pics and video and also take great pics and video for all the people who may read this.

Maui bike ride training with Ryder Hesjedal

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I was on a Maui bike ride last month with a friend of mine from Lahaina to Maalaea last month and we passed Ryder Hesjedal and some others at the beach along Ukumehame. I wouldnt have noticed him however my companion is much more of an avid cyclist and he follows the sport so he noticed him. We had heard that Ryder and Christian Vanderbilt were on island winter training. They were also suppose to show up at an upcountry Kula Maui ride I did the following week but they didnt show. Check out this video.

Organized Maui Road Rides

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Anyone out there interested in going on organized Maui road bike rides on the weekends. I want to start a forum where people can get together and communicate and hook up for bike rides. Any comments?

Check out this vid of the West Maui Loop on Youtube.

Maui bike ride mountain biking.

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Hello everyone, just want to share some pics and info from Sundays Maui mountain bike ride. Chris and I did your cool West Maui bike ride. I love the mountains up there. The trails are cool and so is the epic scenery. We did what we call the big loop, which consists of climbing up white pipe, dropping into ESPN and climbing up to the top of Turkey Shoot and finishing the ride off through Archies. We only did half of Archies because the lower half is too overgrown. This ride has about 3k feet of climbing and lots of technical riding. It takes about 2.5 hours when its all said and done. Great Maui bike ride for a Sunday afternoon. Check out these pics for the trial called Horseskull.

Maui mountain biking trail Horseskull

Old Aquaduct on Maui mountain biking trail Horseskull

Maui Bike Ride, West Maui Loop

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Whats up everyone. I did the West Maui Loop Bike Ride again this past Saturday, January 22nd. I started out in Lahaina with my friends Chris and Bruce. It was a great day for a Maui bike ride. Very little clouds in the sky, and light trade winds. It took me about 3.5 hours with is not a great time but not too bad either. At 60 miles in length and 4000 feet of climbing this Maui bike ride can really take its toll. I love my new Fuji RC-1 road bike. Its super light with great SRAM Red components. By the time I get back around to the Pali on this Maui bike ride I really start to feel it. Its seems like the longest trek to get back to Lahaina. No matter how many times I take this ride I am always cashed afterward. I have done this ride a few times on our Maui Road Bike Rentals which are Fuji Aero SST 3.0 bikes. I had a great time on those as well. I usually do this ride going clockwise around the island, however I have done it counterclockwise. Its seems a bit easier to me this way because I dont have the long stretch after the Pali going back into lahaina. Some great senery on this ride are Kahakuloa Village, Honolua Bay, which is great for snorkeling, and the Kapalua area. Check out these pics, one is Kahakuloa Bay and the other is Chris trekking up the one lane road into Kahakuloa.

Haleakala Skyline Trail

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Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea from Haleakala Skyline Ridge TrailOn a gorgeous Maui day on the skyline Ridge trail, you can see Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa jutting up through the clouds well over 100 miles away across the deep blue Pacific ocean on the big island of Hawaii. This trail is all about fantastic views. On the drive up you will see Maui from above the cloud layer. And as you begin your descent you’ll see both the Kaupo and central parts of the island. This ride offers rare views of Kaupo on the South Eastern Maui to the Ahiihi Kinau Reserve lava flows past La Perouse on the South side. Much of this South extremity of the island stands swiftly up the side of Haleakala, so you get views looking down at incredibly sharp angles to the sea some ten thousand to seven thousand feet below you as you go down the trails.View from Skyline Trail; Above Poli Poli

To your right as you descend you’ll be able to view Wailea in the South West to Ukemehame in the West, The west Maui’s all the way across and most of the central Island from Kihei and Ma’alaea to Wailuku and Kahului in the North Central portion. You’ll also see swathes of Upcountry from Kenaio and Ulupalakua through Keokea, Kula and Pukalani. No where else on the island provides so many aerial views from so high up without a helicopter or plane. As you ride down the switch backs near the top, it as if the whole island and world are turning around you as you pivot the corners. Your field of view is hundreds of miles to three of the compass points, 360 degrees at the summit and 270 degrees+ for much of the journey. You may feel you sense the curvature of the earth on an unobstructed day. Now get on that bike and ride!

Launiupoko Bike Ride

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My buddy Chris Mosk and I went on a great bike ride this morning up in the Launiupoko, West Maui – Lahaina area. We started our ride from my warehouse behind Pizza Hut in Lahaina and headed down the highway to Puunoa rd. We followed the cane road South for a bit and then headed up the moutain side. Our ride took us to the house way up on the hill overlooking the Olowalu dump area. On our way back we followed the Launiupoko bike path. It’s a great path to ride, starting above Lahaina and ending on the cane road just North of Olowalu. It is all paved. There are some ups and downs so make sure you are prepared if you plan to bike it. It is also a great place to walk or run.

Maui bike ride

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Great Maui bike ride from Lahaina to Kihei today. Ended up at Kanani St. and turned around. The bike ride ended up being about 50 miles and turned out harder than I thought. Caught the north wind on the way back and got pretty tired. Tomorrow I will go mountain biking or I will do another Maui road bike ride.

Maui bike ride (Road)

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Maui Bike Rental KahakuloaWent on a great road ride around the West Maui Loop this past Sunday, January 2. It was a slow ride but scenic. Here is a great pic of Kahakuloa Village, which is located on the North side of West Maui.

I rode with a guy on a Maui bike rental from Boss Frog’s.
Maui Road Bike Fuji Aero Kahakaloa bicycle ride

Maui beach cruiser bikes for rent in Lahaina and Kihei

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Come on in to any Boss Frog’s location in Maui and get yours today!!!!
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Fuji Crosstown beach cruiser for Maui Hawaii

Hybrid Beach Cruiser Maui Lahaina bike rental

Fuji Crosstown Hybrid Cruiser
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Maui Beach Cruiser bike rental

Maui Beach Cruiser bike rental

Fuji Sanibel beach cruiser
Yep, you guessed it, a basic beach cruiser. What more can we really say? Hang out and enjoy Maui, laid back and cruising. They really are nice Maui beach cruisers and we have mens and womens styles available. Great for cruising around West Maui and South Maui. Take one for a spin!
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