Haleakala Skyline Trail

Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea from Haleakala Skyline Ridge TrailOn a gorgeous Maui day on the skyline Ridge trail, you can see Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa jutting up through the clouds well over 100 miles away across the deep blue Pacific ocean on the big island of Hawaii. This trail is all about fantastic views. On the drive up you will see Maui from above the cloud layer. And as you begin your descent you’ll see both the Kaupo and central parts of the island. This ride offers rare views of Kaupo on the South Eastern Maui to the Ahiihi Kinau Reserve lava flows past La Perouse on the South side. Much of this South extremity of the island stands swiftly up the side of Haleakala, so you get views looking down at incredibly sharp angles to the sea some ten thousand to seven thousand feet below you as you go down the trails.View from Skyline Trail; Above Poli Poli

To your right as you descend you’ll be able to view Wailea in the South West to Ukemehame in the West, The west Maui’s all the way across and most of the central Island from Kihei and Ma’alaea to Wailuku and Kahului in the North Central portion. You’ll also see swathes of Upcountry from Kenaio and Ulupalakua through Keokea, Kula and Pukalani. No where else on the island provides so many aerial views from so high up without a helicopter or plane. As you ride down the switch backs near the top, it as if the whole island and world are turning around you as you pivot the corners. Your field of view is hundreds of miles to three of the compass points, 360 degrees at the summit and 270 degrees+ for much of the journey. You may feel you sense the curvature of the earth on an unobstructed day. Now get on that bike and ride!

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