Maui Metric Century Ride, 2013

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The West Maui, Metric Century bike ride is THIS WEEKEND! If you haven’t done so already, fill out your registration form and join your fellow bike enthusiasts in Maalaea Sunday, April 14th.

The ride is being sponsored by the Maui Bicycle Club,  Maui’s oldest active bicycle club. Registration is $35 in advance or $40 day of. There are two rides available to check your fitness level, 50 or 100 kilometers, and there will be aid stations and a sag vehicle to shuttle bikers who can’t ride any further. The ride starts bright and early with the 100 km starting at 6:30 and the 50 km following at 8:30. For those of you doing the 100 kilometers, the ride takes you along the West Maui coastline, locally known as the West Maui Loop. The 50 km follows the same route before turning around and returning to the start point. For route directions and more information on the Maui Metric Century ride, visit

If you need a bike rental for the event, we have you covered. With our new Cannondale and Fuji road bikes we have what you need for your Maui riding adventures. Reserve your bike online here or call us at 808-661-1344. If you are already on Maui, stop by and pick out your bike. We are open 8-5 at 156 Lahainaluna Rd in Lahaina Town.

Get registered and we’ll see you there!

Looking for a Mountain Bike? We’ve got you covered.

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Mountain Bikes, road bikes, hybrids, or cruisers, whatever your looking for, we’ve got it! From Fuji and Cannondale to Santa Cruz, we have a bike for any enthusiast.


Mountain Bike Rack Bike Retail













For starters, our cruisers are great if you want to check out Lahaina town, or maybe even cruise up to Kaanapali and visit Whalers Village. While your at it, you can stop at one of the many road side beaches along the way. If your looking for a little more distance or are staying mountain side, our hybrids can get you all around, up and down, and wherever else you might want to go.


For the distance bikers who want to get from here to there as quickly as possible, we have Cannondale and Fuji road bikes fresh out of the boxes. With miles and miles of coastal roads, if you’re into road biking at all, you have to make it a point to get out and see the island by bike.


For those crazy Mountain bikers looking for their next thrill- We have Santa Cruz mountain bikes to soften the blow and get you down the mountain a little smoother. Our great bike mechanics can show you all the best trails and help get you out to enjoy the wild outdoors.


Since our new bike shop is FINALLY complete, rentals can be made online or you can walk in 7 days a week from 8-5. Click here for location information.


Also, we have lots of extra gear if you left anything at home: Bike shirts, shorts, socks, helmets, water bottles, you name it. If you brought your own bike and the plane ride left it needing a little love, bring it in and our mechanics will have it back to new in no time.


Happy Riding!

Walk in bike rentals now available!

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Lots of construction means lots of changes – We now offer walk in bike rentals and repair!

Construction is coming to an end and life is returning to normal here at Boss Frog’s Bike Shop. We just received an order of Cannondale road bikes which our bike mechanics are professionally assembling, and we have another order of cruisers on the way as well.

The Mechanics Hard at Work

The Mechanics Hard at Work

Cannondale Supersix with Ultegra Componants

Cannondale Supersix with Ultegra Componants


With all of the changes here, we are now able to offer walk in bike rentals. Just stop by our Lahaina location, check out our bike selection and let us know how long you would like to rent for. With customizabale rentals, you are able to rent the bike you choose for the time frame you would like. Say you want a 56′ Cannondale road bike for 3 days. No problem. Our knowledgeable mechanics will make the necessary fit adjustments and send you on our way. All of our bikes are tuned promptly upon return to make walk in rentals fast and easy.

Another added benefit of our new West Maui bike shop is our ability to take walk in bike repairs. Whatever your problem is, from a simple flat to a hydraulic brake bleed, bring your bike in an let us take a look. We do everything from gear and brake adjustments to wheel truing, and we specialize in yearly tune ups.

If you are new to the area or are just visiting Maui, we are located at 156 Lahainaluna Rd in Lahaina. We are just one block off of Front St towards the highway, so you can’t miss us. We’ve got lots of bikes and surfboards out front and helpful bike mechanics inside to help you with whatever you might need. We also have new retail racks full of gear – bike shorts, shirts, socks, hats, gloves, tools, accessories and food. If you need anything bike related, chances are we’ve got it!

Bike shop construction is almost over, and the place looks great!

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bike shop mechanic area bike shop walls

West Maui Bike Shop

Our new bike shop is near completion. We have our first shipment of retail on the walls with 2 more shipments in route. As we get requests for items over time we will be ordering those as well until we have a full selection of items. Our workshop area and counter are complete. We will be finishing up our bike rack and the rest of our painting next week as well. We are now open for service if you want to stop by. Our signs go up tomorrow.

We have completed the update on our website to incorporate our new full service bike shop business on top of our existing rental business. We have received our new Cannondale Supersix 3 Ultegra road bike rentals as well. We will be building those up this week. We accept walk in rentals or you can reserve online at Daily rental reservations are also available at no extra charge.
We now have beach cruisers for sale!!
I will be updating the phone number of our Lahaina bike shop today to 661 1344.
Thanks for reading and stop by and see us.
-Chris Kasper, GM Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Surf & Cycle

Maui Bike Shop Construction Update

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New Bike Shop CounterConstruction isBike Shop Construction almost complete on our new bike shop. Our planned opening date for full service is Monday 2/25. Our full retail should arrive shortly thereafter. Our new counter is complete and our workshop and bike stand have been moved to open up the shop a bit. It has a nice flow now. This week we will be putting on the finishing  touches and creating a new indoor bike rack.

We have also revamped our Maui bike rental/ bike shop website, It has a fresh new look to highlight our new full service bike shop business. -Chris Kasper, GM Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Surf & Cycle

Saturday Morning Mountain Bike Ride

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Maui Bike RideAloha all,

Mosk and I headed out this morning for one of our standard Saturday Maui mountain bike rides. We left from our Maui bike shop in the heart of Lahaina at 7am. The morning air was crisp, a bone chilling 70 degrees. We headed up the old cane haul road above the Lahaina Cannery Mall towards Kaanapali. If you follow this road it spills out into the Kaanapali Coffee Plantation. We take a secret route up the mountain and it’s a tough trek but its worth it because it’s a great Maui trail ride. It takes a out 45 minutes to climb to the top.Maui Mountain Bike Ride When you get there you are rewarded with an awesome single track down through the forest. Lots of trees and roots. It’s actually pretty smooth for a Maui trail. We ended up back at the bike shop about 10am. For mountain bike rentals head to Boss Frogs bike shop in Lahaina, or reserve your bike online at

Chris Kasper, GM Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Surf & Cycle

New Maui Bike Shop!!

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Boss Frog’s Cycles is in the process of renovating its existing rental bike shop at 156 Lahainaluna Rd into a full service bike shop.

We decided it was time to step our service to include local business as well as rental customers. Maui cycling is our passion and so are bikes. It’s just the next logical step. The building we have was built around 1950. It was originally a Maui Bike Shop Renovation residential house and was later converted into a retail establishment and has housed many different businesses, from an art gallery, to a T-shirt store and to a Boss Frog’s, which is now right next door.

We have a new full time mechanic, with lots of experience on and off the island as a retail shop and rental fleet manager.  He has done lots of Maui cycling and now resides as a permanent fixture of our establishment. We are expanding our retail selection to include a full line of all the necessary consumables as well as comfort items such as gloves and helmets. We will be retailing Fuji cruisers and hybrid bikes as well as a selection of kids bikes. High performance bikes will be available for purchase as well.

We are also excited to add Santa Cruz Mountain bikes and Cannondale road bikes to our rental fleet. If you live in Maui or are coming for vacation, stop by our new bike shop at 156 Lahainaluna Rd in Lahaina and check out our new shop. The renovation should be done by the middle of February, though in the meantime we are currently open for bike rentals. If you just need some information on Maui cycling don’t hesitate to stop by. This location is a great place to start your West Maui loop or any other west side Maui bike ride. I will write an updated article when the shop is up and running. Remember we are currently open for bike rentals, and you can also visit to reserve your rental bike today.

Chris Kasper, GM Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Surf & Cycle

Maui Mountain Bike Ride

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Early morning ride today started at 6:30. This was a mountain bike ride. I tried to get some good pics, however the lighting was poor and I was filming from my iphone while we were riding. Not a good idea. This ride starts out in Wahikuli and goes up the old cane haul road towards the Maui coffee plantation. You have to head through the plantation base yard and continue north on the service road. This is all private property however if you keep an low profile, the landowners don’t seem to mind mountain bikers. Like I said though, be cool, watch out for service trucks and waive to any coffee plantation employees. The road winds around to the right. You can follow it all the way to the top, or just go as far as you want. At this point you will be on the road paralleling Honokowai valley. Great view up there.
The only public place to ride on Maui is the Makawao Forest Reserve located upcountry. For directions, check out our Makawao Forest Reserve page on our website. Boss Frog’s Cycles has great Santa Cruz and Fuji mountain bikes for all your maui mountain bike ride needs. Happy Maui Trails.
By Chris Kasper

Morning Maui Bike Ride

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Chris Mosk and I did a great Maui bike ride from Lahaina to Wailuku this morning. This is a 40 mile round trip ride. It’s excellent if your goal is to do a nice flat ride. It starts in Lahaina, goes south towards Maalaea Harbor then heads north to Wailuku. Today was exceptional because there was absolutely no wind. This made for perfect Maui biking conditions. Quite a bit of the time the trade winds blow from the North and you have to head into them going to Wailuku. Of course, on the way back you have a great tail wind. This ride takes about an hour and thirty minutes. It is flat most of the way except in the area of the Pali. The Pali is the area on the Lahaina side of Maalaea Harbor where the only tunnel on the island is located. This is a great ride if your just looking to cruise but want to do some distance. We are gearing up for the Maui Stage Race in April. This ride offers great views as all of the highway on the Lahaina side of Maalea runs along the ocean. It’s also a fabulous view of the Maalaea basin when you are coming back from Wailuku. Its not uncommon to see a whale breaching out in the distance. By the way, this is whale season. Boss Frog’s offers a great 2 for 1 whale watch. Be sure to get out early because the sooner you get out there, the less windy it will be.

By Chris Kasper

Cycle to the Sun

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I know this is late, however I want to say a little something about the Cycle to the Sun bike race on Maui, Hawaii. It’s a 36 mile, 10k feet climb from Paia to the summit of Haleakala Crater. It is an awesome Maui bike ride. It starts at about 6am in Paia, right off Baldwin Avenue on Haleakala Highway. 

If you’re smart, draft off the leaders until you hit 

at least Makawao town. In Makawao, there is a steep climb. This is where it’s hard to keep up with the lead group, however, if you are fit, be my guest. I was able to drop Mosk during my run to Makawao, however, he was able to catch up with me later in the ride and ultimately beat me by a large amount of time: 3 whole minutes- Ha. I thought I would love this bike ride, but it did get really painful. As you can see in the pictures, Mosk and I started the day all smiles but by about the 7k elevation I was in some pain. There is also a pic of me coming across the finish line. It was really windy this year during the ride and that was a real bummer. My bike held up much better than I did. My time was 4:03. The leaders came in at 2:45. How they did that I don’t know; strong and tiny I imagine. Anyway this is a great Maui bike ride if you really like a challenge. There are food and water stations along the way so you will never run out of jell or water. You will need a ride back down to Paia, or I believe the organizer runs a shuttle. It’s $200 to enter for non residents and $175 for residents. Check out the official cycle to the sun website for full details and information, and click here for more information about Haleakala Crater.



Boss Frog’s rents bikes that are great for this ride, full carbon, high quality components and the proper gearing. You can’t go wrong.

For more information please email use here, or call 808-661-3333.

By Chris Kasper- Boss Frog JR