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Basic Tune,(road,mountain,cross)


We may call this a basic tune, but it is anything but basic. You should have a basic tune up once a year to keep your bike running like new. This tune up includes:

*adjust front and rear Derailleur

*adjust front and rear Brakes

*adjust headset,Bottom bracket,and hubs

*true wheels

*lube chain and cables

*tighten all nuts and bolts

*safety inspection

*check for proper pressure

*wipe down bike



Deluxe Tune Up, (road,mountain,cross) 


Depending on the amount your bike is ridden, A deluxe tune up should be performed every two to three years. This tune up includes:

*everything included in the basic tune plus:

*complete removal and thorough cleaning of the drive train

*reinstatement of drive train

*re-lube drive train with premium lubricant

*instruction of proper lubrication technique



Single speed coaster brake tune 


*True front and rear wheel

*adjust headset

*adjust Bottom Bracket

*tighten all nuts and bolts

*adjust chain tension

*lubricate and wipe down chain

*full safety inspection


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